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Muscle stimulator ab machine workout equipment #9711A7

US$38.70 US$27.63

Type: Brand new body massager;Features: Ergonomic Design
Compatibility: Daily;Target Body Part: Body Part
Voltage (V): <5
Function: Improving Sleep, Skin Lifting, Help to lose weight
Helps exercise muscles in all directions
Allows to practice eight-pack ABS
Shapes the mermaid line
Strengthens abdominal muscles
Offers high efficiency reduction
Provides local shaping of molding strip
Uses EMS technology to transmit micro-signals for muscle contraction
Simulates biological micro-current stimulation
Drives muscles and moves by itself
Enables automatic contraction exercise while sitting, standing, or lying down.

Muscle Stimulator Ab Machine Portable Abdominal Toning Belt Home Office Fitness Workout Equipment For Abdomen; Tips: You should not do a full body massage if you are suffering from extreme fatigue, dizzy, drunk, have a fever, or within a half hour of eating.