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White print trunk swim boxers 1891XJ

US$23.00 US$10.00

27"-29"/ 48 - 57 kg - M
30"-31"/ 58 - 64 kg - L
32"-33"/ 65 - 72 kg - XL
34"-36"/ 73 - 82 kg - XXL
Denim waist / Body weight - Size we are suggested ;Material: Polyester, Spandex; The swimsuit is nowadays a statement. Regardless of the occasion, if it is for leisure, for sports, at the beach or at the pool, it is important that it is comfortable, practical, sexy and elegant. Some prefer the discreet ones, where others want to show off and be noticed and admired. You'll find the perfect swimsuit style in our brand's range, who not only offer quality and variety but also style.